I am a stable builder

What can HAITZLED® mean for the stable builder?

HAITZLED® develops and delivers professional and energy-efficient LED lighting products and solutions for poultry farming and the stable construction sector. In close collaboration with scientific bodies, results from research and studies and experience in the field of lighting technology are translated into innovative applications in poultry farming and barn construction: HAITZLED® lighting solutions meet the ethological and physiological needs of poultry.

HAITZLED® supplies, installs and advises in the field of optimal usability, implementation, use and maintenance of poultry lighting installations. Thanks to in-depth knowledge and widespread contacts in both markets, HAITZLED® is not only able to launch products that seamlessly match the existing needs in the market but also help to investigate future (international) lighting issues and to develop new innovative products.


A-quality, intelligent, and tough.

  • Two (0-100%) channels, each individually controllable
  • IP67-rated resistance to dust, low-pressure water and high temperatures
  • Smooth housing
  • Minimize residues and risk of infection
  • High-quality, high-efficiency LEDs
  • Flicker-free
  • Triac dimming
  • 120° lenses (no shadowing)
  • Operational life expectancy >50,000 hours


Emulation of the biological circadian rhythm by changing gradually during the course of the day from a full daylight spectrum to a night-time spectrum.

The computer is easy to operate using a touch panel with multiple options. The software and locked presets gradually adjust the colour wavelengths, light intensities, and day lengths to the appropriate spectrum for the ethological needs of the animal in question.

HAITZLED® has developed a luminaire tailored specifically to the photopic spectral response curve of poultry, generating light spectrums able to control various biochemical, physiological, and behavioural processes.


  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved melatonin regulation of the immune response.
  • Reduced tension.
  • Improved muscle growth and bone strength
  • Reduced blood pressure.
  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • Improved regulation of circadian rhythms.
  • Improved animal recognition (choice of partner and mating behaviour).
  • Improved ovulation.
  • Reduced pecking (UV light prevents pecking).

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