HAITZLED® develops and produces professional and energy-efficient LED lighting products and solutions for poultry farming and the stable construction sector. In close collaboration with scientific bodies, results from research and studies and experience in the field of lighting technology are translated into innovative applications in poultry farming and barn construction: HAITZLED® lighting solutions meet the ethological and physiological needs of poultry. HAITZLED® supplies, installs and advises in the field of optimal usability, implementation, use and maintenance of poultry lighting installations. Thanks to in-depth knowledge and widespread contacts in both markets, HAITZLED® is not only able to launch products that seamlessly match the existing market needs but also help to investigate future (international) lighting issues and to develop new innovative products.

Precisely because our high-quality HAITZLED® products are distinguished by scientifically-based principles, they contribute to better living conditions for poultry, ensuring – directly or indirectly – a more balanced balance between people and society. HAITZLED® is part of a new generation of Dutch companies that, thanks to their high level of knowledge, are of significance to their customers worldwide. This knowledge leads directly or indirectly to a win-win situation: a natural biorhythm of poultry leads to an improvement in the exploitation of poultry farms and preserves our society. HAITZLED®: healthier animals and better production.

HAITZLED® is a division of Utilicht, The Light Club
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